LAF (2024)
        voice, fixed media (first-order ambisonic)
site-specific work

the rain washed the fear away (2023)
        two voices, fixed media (first-order ambisonic)

BODY / SHADOW (2023)
        voice, fixed media (first-order ambisonic), 17 dancers

Warrensburg (2023)
        voice, fixed media (first-order ambisonic)

Alvira (2021)
site-specific work

Samek (2021)
        voice, electro-acoustic music
site-specific performance

A Thing Attains a Life (2020)
        five-channel video, electro-acoustic music (5.1)

renaître (2020)
        electro-acoustic music (first-order ambisonic), video

In Moscow We Marched (2020)
        voice, fixed media (5.1)

traffic (2019)
        voice, computer
site-specific work

a dragon rises up from a small stream (2018)
        orchestra, fixed media

Visby Project (2017)
        voice, fixed media (5.1)
site-specific performance, virtual reality

and when the days turned to minutes, I still felt the same (Paseo de Peralta) (2017)
        orchestra, laptop ensemble, fixed media

Proserpina (2016)
        voice, multi-channel fixed media (5.1), multi-channel video

3 AM Walmart (2016)
        voice, fixed media (5.1)

cocotte (2015)
        electro-acoustic music, video

rising (2014)
        voice and fixed media

the marble (2013)
        voice, fixed media

N'air sur le lit (2013)

1999 Deconstructed (2013)
        electro-acoustic music, video

00:06:24:11 (2012)
        electro-acoustic music, video

violin study (2012)
        solo violin

Solo for Voice and Computer (2011)
        voice and computer

Die Herrlichkeit... (2011)

contrabass study (2011)
        solo contrabass

trumpet study (2010)
        solo trumpet

Devil on a Dam (2010)
        electro-acoustic music, video

CONFINED-10-01-2 (2009)
        tape, video

Cuddle & Coo - (for Jon Appleton) (2009)

Wallpaper #1 (2008)
        piano on tape

...and the sun was blinding (2007)
        piano, video

hold (2006)

waiting (2006)

(square) (2004)
        five voices

the light (2004)
        two voices, tape, multi-channel video

5 AM - Saturday, Sunday, Monday (2003)
        voice on tape

(...transmission) (2003)
        voice, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano

calling westward (2002)
        violin, piano, tape

schoolyard (2001)

kallitype #1 (2001)
        two baroque flutes, tape

Maplecroft - A Fall River Story (2001)
        female and male voices, string quartet, forte-piano (mean-tone temperament), guitar, tape, multi-channel video

platinotype #1 (2000)
        trumpet, tape

prayer for the spirit of the west wind (2000)

introit (2000)

lux aeternum - (for Joseph Weber) (1999)

pieces of a lady (1998)
        tape, video

the falling - three scenes three times: hereafter, loss, rememberance (1998)
        female and male voices, dancer, performer, piano (just-intonation), tape

cyanotype #1 - the rain outside my window (1998)
        piano in just intonation (A major), refrigerator, AM radio

the woods (1997)
        four female voices, counter-tenor, violin, piano, cello, percussion

piano study #1 - blue circle on black background (1997)
        piano in just intonation (C# minor)

lights (1996)
        tape, video

three gas stations (1996)
        five instruments

Homogenized (1996)
        tape, video

this is corny (1996)
        tape, video

the dance of the snow queen (1996)
        string quartet (vn., vla., vla., vc.)

Media Spectacle (1995)
        tape, video

Sing Me to Sleep... (1995)
        tape, video

Porte Bebe (1995)
        tape, video

pièce d'enfant (1995)
        sopranino saxophone, cello, piano

the calling of the spirit (1994)
        soprano recorder, flute, piano, percussion